Structural Engineering / Steel Construction


Stud welding technology is used in many industries. KÖCO is much more than amanufacturer of studs and stud welding equipment. Being an innovative and competent supplier with a long-time experience.

Besides the operation in these core sectors, KÖCOs outstanding technology can freely be combined with new applications. We continuously enhance our products and develop new markets with visions and possibly new solutions for you.


Moscow, Russia

New car park

Nikosia, Cyprus

New shopping centre

London, UK

New shopping centre in Westfield, Stratfor City

Welding of KÖCO Shear Connectors 19 and 22 mm, fastening of metal decks by means of through-deck-welding (TD)


Composite bridge, motorway BAB 1


Composite bridge, motorway BAB 1


Composite bridge „Moerdijkbrug“

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