Cold formed parts

High-precision extruded parts to your specifications

Wherever high-quality precision components are in demand, KÖCO is the right partner.

In close cooperation with our customers, the desired parts are developed to mass-production stage and then cold-forged on multiple-stage extruders according to the blueprints.

Mechanical finish, annealing and surface coating complete the service range.

No interruption of material fibres, but formation of fibres in line with the out- ward form!

Increased tensile strength, hardness and yield strength, depending on the degree of deformation

Compression and hardening of the material!

An increase in strength, depending on the degree of deformation, which opens up possibilities of using lower-cost, non-alloy steel as the basic material

Elimination of turning and drilling processes!

  • Material savings of up to 60%
  • Time savings of up to 80%

Close dimensional tolerances and excellent surface finish!

Subsequent surface treat ment minimized or dis pensed with

The advantages of cold-forged high-precision parts

Cold-forging technology

A shortcut from the idea to the finished product: Production of a stud on a four-stage extruder (set of consecutive steps)



1st step

Cylindrical blank cut to length

2nd step

Extrusion of the smallest diameter

3rd step


4th step