Leading is future

We create safe and efficient solutions through our solid foundation of technical know-how and our courage to innovate. 

Design the future now with product solutions from KÖCO. Mumbai, London, Shanghai or Moscow – our studs and stud welding technology are applied worldwide wherever secure joints are in demand. We are your partner for stud welding technology and set the standards worldwide. Strong innovations are the basis for market-driven solutions.

Using  our  own  developments  in  the  fields  of  materials, forming technology and stud welding technology, we solve the fastening technology problems of our clients across a wide variety of industries. 

Working together with external partners in the fields of industry and research, we implement solutions that prove themselves in practice.


Our products have to be reliable. We are aware of this responsibility. We guarantee the safety that is needed through our extensive know-how about materials, products and processes. In order to ensure that the correct KÖCO products are used for the specific application, we gladly provide technical support on site. This ensures that you will not just receive any solution. You will receive the best one.

We never cut corners when dealing with safety. All parts that leave our factory are subject to the strictest quality control. All of our products correspond to national and international standards. Being a partner to our clients, you can depend on us – now and in future!

Safety also means, that KÖCO supports you with its longterm professional experience and offers you added value far beyond the actual product itself.


Innovations do not appear from nowhere. They are the result of continuous development work. We are always open to new ideas and do not balk at any challenge. Those who wish to stay one step ahead must not only think and act with a focus on solutions, but must also have the courage to forge new paths.

We tap into new markets and new potential applications for our products. And we use foresight to continuously advance our products and service solutions. As a client, you will profit from our ambition to permanently develop even better solutions.



It is challenging projects which show who is at the head of the class. We put our claim of being the best-in-class to the test every day with our existing products. It is also the driving force for our further corporate development. The benchmark we are using is customer satisfaction. Together with you, our goal is not only to become better but to become the best. Those who push forward and continuously improve will control the future.

For us, being the best-in-class provider means that you can judge us by our promises. Working with KÖCO means partnership and safety without compromise.