Welding Guns

Extensive choice of welding guns for different processes

Drawn arc stud welding guns


  • Weldable stud range 13–22 mm
  • Adjustable plunge damper
  • Robust housing
  • Designed for welding on building sits



  • The model K 24 is a robust stud welding gun, especially for studs ø 19 - 22 mm
  • Ideal for welding shear connectors
  • Ideal for through-deck-welding td
  • High repeatability
  • Hydraulic plunge damper
  • Standard support with 2 legs
  • Body made of fibre-glass reinforced polyamide
  • Compensation for stud length variations up to 8mm
  • Control cable plug (4 wire)
  • Stud welding with shielding gas: optional

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