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Welding machines

Inverter 805i-10

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With our robust Inverter 805i-10 every welding process becomes super easy. The welding machine is suitable for stud welding with a ceramic ring with a welding range of 2-10 mm, short-cycle stud welding with a welding range of 2-8 mm and gas-shielded stud welding with a welding range of 2-10 mm. The light weight weighs only 23 kg and allows a maximum current of 800 A. The connection voltage is 230 Volt at high power output.


  • Connection voltage 230 V
  • Current and time continuously adjustable in four zones
  • Mobile usage possible
  • Housing dimensions LxWxH (mm): 550x225x470
  • Plain text in LC display
  • User interface 4 languages selectable: German, English, French, Italian
  • Shielding-gas equipment standard
  • Self-diagnosis for: Overheating, short circuit control, power factor correction (PFC) and malfunction of pilot arc
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Constant current regulation
  • Repeat cycle lock
  • Metal housing, powder-coated
  • Connection of automatic components: optional
Inverter 805i-10

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Welding machines

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Welding machines

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Welding machines

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