Own stud production
from tradition

Today, we are the stud welding technology market leaders

It all began with welding studs


Foundation of the company by Bruno Köster, initial production of welding studs for power stations and shipbuilding


First building activity for production and administration on the present premises.


Launch of production of welding equipment in the branch in Unterpfaffenhofen close to Munich.


First in the world to develop and manufacture fully-automatic welding machines for the welding of studs to boiler tubes

First main supply of Shear Connectors (approx. 3 million pieces) for a national building project: the command-bunker for the Federal Government in Mechernich/Eifel.


In the course of succession, Bruno Köster assigns the corporate governance to his son Detlef Köster.


Dislocation of the production of welding machines from Unterpfaffenhofen to Ennepetal. As off about 1980 increasing expansion of the export markets.


Development and sales of the first compact stud welding equipment worldwide due to the expansion of export markets.


Mr. Ulrich Kleeschulte joins the Management of KÖCO.




Foundation of KÖCO subsidiaries in the Czech Republic for production and sales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Market entry with representation in the USA.


Site acquisition with factory building in Zacler, Czech Republic. Acquisition of the italian partner Arcosider and foundation of a subsidiary company in order to strengthen the sales and marketing in Italy, later renaming to Köster Italia.


Installation of further sales partners in Europe


Market entry and sales-partner in the China.


Market entry and sales-partner in the Russia.


Market entry and sales-partner in the United Arab Emirates.


The succession plan of the managing associate Detlef Köster includes the transfer of the privately owned company into an affiliated company of the INDUS Holding. The operations of KÖCO continue as before and the transfer proves to be without any difficulties for the customers.


The long term co-associate Mr. Ulrich Kleeschulte enters into retirement.

Dr. Harald Schulz takes-over the sole management of KÖCO.

Market entry and sales-partner in India.


Launch of KÖCO's patented high-strength welding studs K 800 with tensile strength 8.8.

Launch of the new ELOTOP xx10 transformer welding equipment and the new capacitor discharge welding equipment KST 108/110 series.




KÖCO is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company in the new production hall and is opening a new six-stamp cold forming header SACMA 670.

Founding of subsidiary OOO Köster RUS in Moscow, Russia.

Acquisition of Keramos in Zacler as a new subsidiary of KÖCO for the production and development of ceramic ferrules and technical ceramics.




The subsidiary Köster CZ is celebrating its 20-year company anniversary in Zacler.


Launch of the new compact inverter stud welding equipment 2305i with self-developed inverter module, world's lightest inverter with 2300 amp, weight 63 kg.

Development of new tool technology for final contour cold forming.




Cold forming production of complex cold-formed parts with high quantities without mechanical finishing.


Relocation of logistics from Spreeler Weg to the new location Aufsicht in Ennepetal with an enlarged storage area.

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