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As KÖCO’s first automation solution for stud welding, the demands placed on me were extremely high: variable programming and control, easy to use, flexible application with different studs, compatible with all KÖCO welding machines and, naturally, consistent premium quality for all welds.

I combine all of this and more! 👍

At a glance

  • Durable resilience without any quality loss
  • Welds from 70 mm distance
  • Up to 8 studs with a diameter of 8 - 13 mm per minute
  • Including accessories (power source, work table, clampings etc.)
  • Optionally with compact housing
  • Compatibility with all KÖCO welding machines
  • Reliable supply of spare parts
  • 2 years warranty

BRUNO in action

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Markus Neuse

Sales Manager

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With our welding robot BRUNO we offer you an advantageous automation solution for the completion of various stud welding tasks with consistently high and reproducible quality. Less rework, as well as fewer rejects result in significant cost savings – 365 days a year.

Studs up to 13 mm in diameter can be welded precisely and safely. Thanks to advanced technology, the type of stud, workpiece and fixture can be adapted according to the customer's specific application.

The BRUNO is our answer to the requirements of tomorrow and the progressive dovetailing of industrial production with modern information and communication technology. - In short, Industry 4.0. We would be happy to accompany you and your employees in your entry into collaborative robot welding.

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