Stud welding becomes
a service experience

When stud welding technology needs to be a reliable constant at all levels, KÖCO comes into play. For over 70 years, we have stood not only for technical innovation and the best quality, but also as a reliable partner at your side. Why this makes us so proud? Get to know us!

As one of the leading suppliers of studs and stud welding technology, we are your reliable partner with many years of experience. We are at your side with empathy and know-how from the initial consultation to on-site application support and implement your wishes precisely and on schedule using state-of-the-art technology.

But our standards do not end with good results. By reliability, we mean not only solving your problems, but also seeing where they arise - and knowing how to avoid them.

We define the entire customer contact as a service experience. Anytime. You don't have to wonder if we're there. We are always there.

As your partner, you can rely on us - now and in the future. In everything we do, we keep one thing in mind: How can we offer you even greater added value, support you in your processes and your profitability? Effective cooperation at eye level and your satisfaction are our goal.

Not only is our stud welding technology absolutely reliable - so are we!

Use our product solutions to help shape the future. Our studs and stud welding equipment are in use worldwide, making us your reliable partner in stud welding.

CEO Thomas Fink

Safety is our defining Feature

Our products need to be reliable. We are aware of this responsibility. We guarantee the necessary safety through extensive material, products and process know-how. In order to ensure that the right KÖCO products are used for the respective application, we are happy to provide on-site technical application support. In this way you always get the best solution.

When it comes to safety, we don't do things by halves. Everything that leaves our factory is subject to strict quality controls. All products comply with national and international standards. As a partner to our customers, you can rely on us - now and in the future!

Security moreover means for us to support you with our many years of industry experience and to offer you added value far beyond the actual product.

Curiosity creates results

Innovations do not come by chance. They are the result of continuous development work. We are always open to new ideas and do not stop at any challenge. Because anyone who always wants to be one step ahead of the times must not only think and act solution-oriented, but also be prepared to break new grounds. We open up new markets and applications for our products.

With foresight we develop our products and services. As a customer you benefit from our ambition to work out even better solutions.


History – more than 70 years of KÖCO



Powerful welding machines, durable welding guns, high-quality studs, and user-friendly automation—an overview of your guarantees of success.