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Perfectly welded studs for every application, even under heavy-duty use. The right machine to suit your requirements.

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We produce, modulate, and develop every type of welding stud. Take a look here.

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Our welding guns combine ergonomics with durability, making them the ideal tool for perfectly welded studs.

StudCalc design software

StudCalc Pro is the ideal tool for steel components with welded-on KÖCO shear connectors in line with the current regulations.

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We not only provide hands-on assistance, we also offer additional services on our service portal: Trainings and seminars on handling stud welding technology, maintenance, calibrations and repairs of welding equipment and much more.

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News and information from an expert in stud welding equipment.

The blowing-arc-effect during welding

The blowing-arc-effect during welding In arc welding, there is a subtle force that is often overlooked but has a significant impact on the quality of the weld: the blowing-arc-effect. This phenomenon can be both a challenge and a tool for welders, …

The path to an innovative thesis

Birgit Reuter, a graduate of the Mechatronics Bachelor's degree program at Bochum University of Applied Sciences, has dedicated her thesis to an exciting project: an original design of an ergonomic handle for KÖCO Classic pistols.   But why did she …

Process control during stud welding

Stud welding is an efficient process for joining studs with different materials. Process control is of high importance to ensure the quality of the welds. Important terms for process control: Welding current: The welding current is the electrical …

Underwater stud welding with ceramic ring

Underwater stud welding is not a new technology, but its application possibilities have recently been expanded by a remarkable research project. Under the name "IGF 19.210 BG", the Fraunhofer Institute for Large Structures in Production Engineering …

Drawn arc stud welding - efficient and versatile

As specialists in the field of s tud welding, we at KÖCO are very familiar with the various stud welding processes. Drawn arc stud welding plays a special role, as this welding process for studs with diameters of 3 to 25 mm, amperages of up to 2,600 …

Trade Fair Report of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023

Thank you for such a successful trade show! This year, the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade show in Essen was all about industrial digitalization. With 826 exhibitors and 40,000 trade visitors from 124 countries, it once again confirmed its position …