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Customized solutions are our challenge

Special Fields & customized solutions

  • Stud welding element on a sheet-metal plate
  • Cold formed parts to customer requirements
  • Finishing operation
  • Heat-treatment and surface coating
  • Stud welding equipment to customer applications
  • Köco shear connectors welded on anchor plates
  • And many applications and combinations more...

KÖCO is much more than a manufacturer of studs and stud welding technology. As an innovative and competent supplier with many years of experience, KÖCO offers you a wide range of solutions for a wide variety of applications.

In addition to its use in the core areas, KÖCO's outstanding technology can always be combined with new applications. Stud welding elements in connection with sheet metal, stamped and bent parts, welding machines or customer-specific cold-formed parts - in our development and design department our engineers develop individual product solutions for your applications.

Welding studs

Wheel bolt for buses and utility vehicles